Welcome to the world of Digital Marketing!

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How the world of marketing has changed! Just ten years back, the way of marketing was completely different from the way it is now. Much has changed and the essence of it is called digital marketing.

The Old Method

The traditional method of marketing referred to all forms of marketing that are not online. This includes marketing through print, television, radio, phone, mail, and billboards. As you can understand, these forms of marketing have some problems.

  • Low targeting – In traditional marketing, there is a very low focus on reaching the target customers. It is because there is no way to accurately segment the customers based on the features and so the marketing had to be targeted based on group features. For example, to market a rock music album, it was better to use radio and music channels. But the problem was that you could not target only rock music fans.
  • Low interaction – Because the marketing is always done to a group, the businesses are not able to connect with the consumers. They are dependent on customers to reach out to them via letters. The only method they have in their arsenal to interact with customers is through a phone call and while it has its advantages, it is expensive and time-consuming.
  • Expensive – Traditional marketing is usually very expensive. Since they take up some actual space it is more costly. Different firms must compete because of the limited quantity which further drives up the prices.

The New Way


Digital marketing is marketing executed through any digital channels or digital devices. The channels are vast and include everything from websites to social media. The devices are usually mobile devices or any device connected to the internet.

One of the main features is the level of targeting that is possible. Customers can be easily segmented, and relevant marketing can be shown to the customers who will save customers time and ensure that the marketing is effective.

Search Engine Optimization

Popularly known as SEO, it is the marketing done to list content higher in search engine results. It can be divided into two – organic and inorganic.

Organic SEO is making sure that your website has popular keywords and tags which users will search for in a search engine. The more keywords that are matched, the higher up in the list of results.

Inorganic SEO, on the other hand, is paying the search engine provider or third-party money to ensure that the content is placed higher up in the results.

While companies use both methods, usually new companies will focus on inorganic SEO and then slowly focus on organic SEO.


Buy The Used Trucks Carefully Follow The Instructions!

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The truck is used for a long time. These are the heavy vehicles, which have a wide scope of applications it can be used as a construction vehicle, a vehicle to transport every commodity across the country, from groceries to the daily use equipment. Thus, this large vehicle has great importance. However, owning a truck is not an easy task too. Unless you know everything about buying a truck, it can be risky to buy a truck. Moreover, buying a new truck is not so cheap it could be expensive. However, there are various other options available in the market to facilitate this task, like financing or buying used trucks.

Things you need to be careful with before buying a used truck.

  1. Check the condition of the truck 

You need to check the condition of the truck carefully before purchasing it. Thoroughly check the exterior (like the body, doors, glass, etc.) as well as the interior (like the engine, petrol tank, etc.) condition of the truck. Check if the body is still long-lasting, etc. in short have an overall assessment of the truck physically before buying it

  1. Check everything about the previous owner

An individual needs to know about the previous owner, information, as to why is the person selling the truck, whether the person is the real owner or not, check and make sure the truck is not a stolen commodity. One needs to have all this information to make sure that there is no fraud in the whole deal.


  1. Get the insurance of the truck

Always get the insurance of the truck as soon as it is bought. Being a used truck, the truck is less reliable than a brand new one. Hence, to save you from any further trouble, always keep the truck’s insurance ready.

  1. Get all the necessary documents 

It is very important before paying you to get all the important documents of the truck in your hands. Never pay unless you get all the necessary documents, as it might be a risk.

  1. Ratings

Know the rating of the model of the truck you are going to buy both while it was new and when it is for resale. Almost all the companies also rate the used trucks they are selling, so choose the best out of all the models available, which also fit your pocket.