Step-by-Step: Navigating Home Moving with Trailer Permit Assistance

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However, you do not just pick and choose where to move your home with this massive trailer. One of the things that should always be part of this is trying to get permits, which are increasingly necessary for a relocation, in order not to break any rules. For more information, visit

Learn Permit Needs

States and municipalities have differing regulations when it comes to moving homes on wheels. Wherever you are, it is worth researching the local requirements, including maximum trailer width and weight limits as well, let alone any specific routes that must be followed.

Getting with Permit Lake Mary Authorities

The next step after having a clear understanding of the requirements is to reach out to the permit authorities. This could be local transportation departments, highway patrol offices, or city/county planning departments.

 Ensure All Relevant Documentation

Specific documentation is necessary to apply for the permit of a trailer. This usually will consist of a photo or proof of ownership for the home, information on your trailer and towing vehicle as well as details about your proposed route during transport. Keep all documents handy to prevent delays in applications

Apply for Your Permit

Armed with all your documentation, you can then lodge the permit application to relevant authorities. In some places you may be able to apply online and in others a physical form maybe required. Make sure you are prepared to cover any fees that may be associated with the transfer at this in order.

Route and Timing for Your Plan

Plan the route and date when you will move you have to consider the restrictions of requirements if imposed by your permit authorities. Make sure that the route you have mapped out does not involve things like low bridges, tight roads and other hindrances which would make it difficult for the move to happen.

Work with Professionals

Having a house towed by trailer is not something you can just do as some sort of weekend warrior DIY project. Contact professional movers specialising in trailer permits and household transport. They can be very helpful in making that everything goes as planned and in good order.

To get the trailer permit help, your home on wheels move could be less complicated than thought standalone. For additional assistance, you can refer to resources like