Shop For G-Shock Watches Online: Series of Tough Watches

G-Shock has been around for years. It has been surprisingly increasing its demand. The toughness of the physical appearance of theĀ g squad makes it adorable to both men and women. The G-Shock series is in demand because it is not only durable but also has an elegant look.

The G-steel

In e-commerce, the G-steel collection of G-Shock is best-selling because of its professional look. One of the most popular G-Shock steel released by Casio is GSTB300S-1A. It is a new model of the G-Shock steel line with great features, including its steel case.

The G-Steel line flies slightly under the radar than Casio’s catalog lines. For buyers looking for a more grown-up analog G-Shock, the G-Steel line is an interesting and affordable option. It is the best choice if you don’t need the features of the flagship MR-G or MT-G models.

You will miss the triple-sensor tech and GPS that don’t have in some pricier offerings. But, if you are looking for a powerful analog G-Shock that dresses up, the G-Steel line is worth perusing. Aside from the steel case of G-Steel, more of its features making it appealing is the carbon core guard.

G-Shocks withstand bruises and bumps. The watch has a tanky look making it durable like it can be run by over a 24.97-ton truck. The G-SHOCK DW5600E-1 can survive.

The GSTB300S-1A

The GSTB300S-1A is tough, being central to the identity of the brand. It has a fair share of functionality, including:

  • Tough Solar charging
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Neobrite hands
  • double LED light
  • world time
  • 1/1000 stopwatch
  • countdown timer
  • auto-calendar

g squad

Advantages of Bluetooth connectivity

The Bluetooth connectivity has a nice touch. Most users rarely need it. You don’t deal with pushing buttons to access and adjusting settings like alarms and timers. But, where it comes in handy is when setting the WT function.

There are 300 cities to choose from, a much greater selection than major cities come pre-loaded. You would not find Labrador and Newfoundland in the GMT-3:30 time zone. If you are a stickler for timekeeping and not satisfied with 15 seconds every month connected to the app is the best bet.

The Bluetooth connectivity option is great for setting up the wristwatch.

The great functionality of G-Shock is a true tool that is eminently functional. The beauty of G-Shock’s lineup is there is an endless number of options. It depends on the taste. GSTB300S-1A is more refined than the other offerings.

G-SHOCK works for daily use or is consigned to Adventure Time. It is comfortable to wear the 51mm watch. The steel case of the watch has prominent bezel screws. The G-Steel earned the CasiOak appellation.

The hour markers of this line of G-Shock highlight the dial. The sudden pops of light when moving the wrist add unexpected elegance to the beefy tool. You can’t make a mistake by the hour markers. The G-Shock watch is coupled with the following:

  • broad
  • lumped hour
  • minutes hand
  • bright orange seconds

The legibility of the G-Shock line is excellent.